Salads and Dressings

Where does one start with salads? If you aren’t a salad eater you need to be, it’s that simple. I was never into salads, mainly because they always seemed to be the same tossed salad that didn’t interest me and I wasn’t an adventurous eater in my young adult life and therefore I didn’t realize salad was more than iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, radishes and tomatoes with bottled dressing poured over it. And this is why you need to get into salads if you are not into salads….because they are truly delicious when made with a tasty homemade dressing and the right combination of veggies. Salads have transformed from “something on the side of my plate” that I have to eat into a main dish that I cannot wait to dig into. If you are already a salad aficionado you’re way ahead of me and you’ve got this one!

Korean Bean Sprout Salad

OK, this is an incredibly simple salad that I have been craving since a friend and I went out for Korean food at the Bul Go Gi House a couple weeks ago. I inhaled this light salad when it came to our table, and then ordered another one! This bean sprout salad is as tasty as the Bul Go Gi House version. So easy to make and your taste buds will thank you.

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Sister-in-law Slaw

Thinking of summer? This coleslaw is just what you need.

Coleslaw is a summer favourite and this recipe has the full flavour of summer with fresh mint and lemon juice. My sister-in-law always made this salad when she came to visit, in 2008 she sent me the recipe and I have been making it ever since. The original recipe calls for peanut oil, but it is just as amazing by swapping out the peanut oil for avocado oil.

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Fresh Basil Veggie Dip

DIp or Dressing? Does it matter when it tastes this good?

Wonderful creamy intense basil dip for those raw naked veggies we all snack on. If you are looking for a change from your usual low card dips, this one is amazing…I used it on my salad as a dressing too! The non-Keto family members cleaned out the dip bowl. SUPER EASY to make.

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Grilled Caesar Wedge Salad

BBQ Season is here, let’s grill a head of lettuce!

Grilling lettuce on the BBQ is a surprisingly delicious way to eat salad. Use romaine lettuce hearts as they are tender and stay crisp when grilling. It doesn’t seem natural to eat hot lettuce but like I said this is a surprisingly delicious dish. The homemade creamy caesar dressing really makes it amazing.

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Mackie’s Caesar Dressing

Family Favourite!

OK garlic lovers this one is for you. This is my mom’s recipe and has become associated with her over the years. Traditional Caesar dressings are creamy but this family favourite is oil based and will have people licking the salad bowl. My SIL can’t get enough of this amazing dressing and whenever I say I’ll bring the salad she requests Maxine’s Caesar

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Thai Garlic Dressing

Staying home for dinner? Dress it up!

Great on kale salads! This one is for garlic lovers, you can reduce the garlic if you prefer a less garlicky dressing. The lemongrass paste gives this a great flavour!

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Shuswap Green Bean and Feta Salad

Heaven in the Shuswap

Green beans are not the friendliest keto food, but they can be worked into your meals. This recipe is served as a side salad so your helping won’t be huge, although once you taste this it will be hard to stop at just one serving. My girlfriend in the Shuswap introduced me to this salad many years back when we both had big vegetable gardens and an abundance of bush beans and dill weed.

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