Salads and Dressings

Where does one start with salads? If you aren’t a salad eater you need to be, it’s that simple. I was never into salads, mainly because they always seemed to be the same tossed salad that didn’t interest me and I wasn’t an adventurous eater in my young adult life and therefore I didn’t realize salad was more than iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, radishes and tomatoes with bottled dressing poured over it. And this is why you need to get into salads if you are not into salads….because they are truly delicious when made with a tasty homemade dressing and the right combination of veggies. Salads have transformed from “something on the side of my plate” that I have to eat into a main dish that I cannot wait to dig into. If you are already a salad aficionado you’re way ahead of me and you’ve got this one!

Shrimp Avocado Cocktail

Shrimp…Avocado…Tomatoes all for cocktail hour Shrimp avocado cocktail salads are so delicious, they make a great appetizer to get your taste buds primed for the…

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Sister-in-law Slaw

Thinking of summer? This coleslaw is just what you need. Coleslaw is a summer favourite and this recipe has the full flavour of summer with…

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Fresh Basil Veggie Dip

DIp or Dressing? Does it matter when it tastes this good? Wonderful creamy intense basil dip for those raw naked veggies we all snack on.…

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Grilled Caesar Wedge Salad

BBQ Season is here, let’s grill a head of lettuce! Grilling lettuce on the BBQ is a surprisingly delicious way to eat salad. Use romaine…

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Mackie’s Caesar Dressing

Family Favourite! OK garlic lovers this one is for you. This is my mom’s recipe and has become associated with her over the years. Traditional…

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Thai Garlic Dressing

Staying home for dinner? Dress it up! Great on kale salads! This one is for garlic lovers, you can reduce the garlic if you prefer…

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