Entrées are important simply because dinner is one of the three most important meals of the day.

Keto can make them challenging and fun! No, really. Even in a mixed household where not everyone is doing keto. In my own circumstance I am the non-keto supporting partner. My spouse has a desire to do keto and I have a passion for cooking so it is a reasonably perfect situation.

One of the keys to success with entrées is to ensure that the volume and composition of the meal items fit a few basic criteria: tasty, visually appealing, satisfying and easily prepared. Add to this the minor challenge of making the entrée modifiable to be non-keto enough for those not looking to garner the benefits of the keto style.

In many cases it is as simple as adding in an additional source of carbs such as rice, potatoes or bread to fill out the menu and fill up the family.

What follows is our list of recipe posts for entrée items that we have had success with. In each recipe we will endeavour to include suggestions for expanding the recipe to satisfy the non-keto diners.

We hope you enjoy the recipes, find them easy to follow and that they assist you in putting the fun in your dinners.

Spinach Pinwheels

Yummy Little Rolls of Deliciousness

These are so amazingly yummy. They take a bit of prep time but are totally worth it. We can’t take credit for this recipe as it comes from ketogenic.com. The only adjustment I made was to add feta cheese making this dish a bit more like Spanakopita.

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Broccoli and Cheddar Croquettes

Fancy doesn’t have to mean complicated.

A quick and simple treat to add a dimension of yum to your meal. These tasty little gems are spot on for flavour and have a very satisfying mouth feel.

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Spicy Meatloaf

Mom’s meatloaf but with a spicy twist

Meatloaf is one of those basic recipes that just has to be made from time to time. Everything about it is fantastic….it’s easy to make, smells heavenly when cooking, is delicious right out of the oven and makes fabulous leftovers. The classic recipes usually have tomato soup or ketchup smothered on them. This recipe has ajvar as it’s special ingredient and doesn’t need a saucy coating. Dash your favourite hot sauce on a slice and enjoy.

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TexMex Pizza

Pizza is something with near universal appeal. And since we have a preferences for anything the amps up the flavour component of any meal we added a spicy TexMex topping to the list of answers to the age old question – What’s for dinner?

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Turkey Leftovers Pizza

We all love the holidays. Getting together with family and friends and eating way too much. You have had your fill (and then some) of the holiday roasted turkey and have sworn you will never eat that much again and never want to see turkey again – and then you realize that you still have at least half a roasted bird to deal with. Not feeling like you can face the usual cold turkey sandwich option here is a timely suggestion. When life gives you leftover turkey – make PIZZA!

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Sweet and Sour Chicken

That sweet and tangy delight from our childhood memories of family dinners out. A dish I once thought unattainable in the Keto diet. Remove the processed carbs and you get a wonderful food experience back again. This along with the egg roll in a bowl makes a great dinner combination. All that’s missing is the fortune cookie. That may be the next challenge on the list.

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Salmon Cakes

Fish is on the Menu!

Dave posted a fantastic fresh Sockeye Salmon recipe a while back. Today I cheaped out and am posting a canned salmon recipe. If you are routing around in your pantry and find a can of salmon (like I did today) this is the recipe for you. Instead of breadcrumbs use pork rinds, they add just the right texture without a strong pork flavour. The tabasco and paprika give the cakes a slight spicy bite.

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Keto Cottage Pie

Keto Cottage Pie

This dish is quick and really delicious, it’s great for those evenings when you don’t want to spend a lot of time making dinner. The leftovers keep for up to 3 days and can be reheated in a fry pan or microwave. I add a little extra beef broth when I fry it up.

The cauliflower topping is as close to mashed potatoes as you can get, quickly broil at the end to get a crisper topping…careful you don’t burn it!

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