Another amazing thing about the keto lifestyle is you can snack! This just doesn’t seem to make sense, lose weight and you don’t have to give up snacking or desserts. This is why we love the low-carb lifestyle so much. We really haven’t changed how we eat, just what we eat.

Snacks show up throughout the day, especially at Happy Hour. We have perfected crunchy crackers, cheese crackers, dips, finger foods, and quick small items to nosh when the mood strikes.

Cheesy Breadsticks

Breadsticks! Goes great with your favourite low carb Italian dinner

Watching everyone else have a thick slice of bread with dinner? Or a baguette with happy hour toppings? Well you too can participate with these easy to make cheese breadsticks. This is an adaptable recipe, use either mozzarella or cheddar cheese, I do half-half. You can also add whatever herbs you like to get a more garlicky flavour or more plain. Experiment!! You can’t go wrong with this recipe and it really hits the snack spot. Enjoy!

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Bourbon Kube

Its’ Happy Hour! Bourbon and Meat!

I found a recipe on-line in 1999 for kubasa soaked in bourbon with a heaping of brown sugar. It had my name written all over it, sugar, sausage and booze, you couldn’t go wrong. This was a fave of Pedro’s and he made it on special occasions and when we entertained. This is another personal favourite appy I’ve adapted for my new lifestyle.

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Bacon Wrapped Dates

Moderation in all things including moderation

Early on in my exploration of keto we had close friends and neighbours who were doing keto the legit way. We had them over and in trying to impress them I made these bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almond and feta. A big flavour hit with our guests to be sure. I asked to naive question “Do these qualify as keto?”. The reply was a resounding “Sorta!”.

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Smoked Salmon – Cream Cheese Seed Cups

It’s Happy Hour!

This is a great finger food for Happy Hour! We use the seed cracker recipe to make little cups that you fill with cream cheese and salmon, yummy little bites! You can make the seed cups ahead of time even storing them until you are ready to fill and use them!

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Seed Crackers

So easy and so tasty

Missing the crunch of crackers when you snack? We sure did! Dips and cheese slices just aren’t the same without a chip or cracker to go with it. We found a great low-carb cracker without even looking. A friend of ours served store-bought keto friendly seed crackers at a backyard gathering a while back. The crackers were fantastic, so we set out to make our own. A great addition to any happy hour or snack time.

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Great for breakfast, snack time or served with seed crackers as an appy!!

Originally made as a go to breakfast item that can be made in advance and kept in the fridge for a few days these are equally good any time of the day. Make them ahead and serve them rewarmed at your next happy hour.

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