Desserts and Treats

Dessert really should be the main course of any meal. Changing your diet to more healthy options usually means eliminating sweets and desserts, however on a low-carb diet this is not the case. For all you sweet toothed folks out there dessert is back on the table! Check out our list of desserts, we have adjusted and modified so what you eat tastes as close to the real sugary-thing as possible.

Dave has come up with an amazing recipe we call “Victoria Cups”, a spin on Nanaimo Bars but with a hint of mapley goodness … so Canadian!

Choco Whip

Super fast and amazing dessert Make this quick dessert to impress friends and loved ones or just whip it up…

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Amazing Tiramisu

Float your tastebuds on a cloud This keto version of the traditional tiramisu recipe uses cream cheese instead of mascarpone…

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