Sauces and Dips

What meal wouldn’t benefit from a good accompanying sauce or dip. Okay, I guess the obvious answer would be soup but let’s just pretend that isn’t really a meal.

Sauces and dips are quick and easy ways to step up your game and add some pizzazz to your menu. As an added bonus most sauces and dips can be made well in advance and stored for future menu embellishments.

Step out of the ordinary and let us and your taste buds lead you to saucy (and dippy) Nirvana!

Fresh Basil Veggie Dip

DIp or Dressing? Does it matter when it tastes this good? Wonderful creamy intense basil dip for those raw naked veggies we all snack…

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Mackie’s Caesar Dressing

Family Favourite! OK garlic lovers this one is for you. This is my mom’s recipe and has become associated with her over the years.…

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Thai Garlic Dressing

Staying home for dinner? Dress it up! Great on kale salads! This one is for garlic lovers, you can reduce the garlic if you…

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