About Us

Meet the unKETOventional cooks … DAVE & TARA !

Who the heck are we and why are we doing this?

We are former co-workers who ate a lot of sweets and treats at the office. Dave would bring in a bag of red liquorice and Tara would eat it all, or Dave would make some amazing baked goodies bring them to the office and Tara would eat them all.

Dave started eating low-carb and became the keto cook in his household to support his wife on her weight loss journey.

It was because of the great success Dave and his wife were having with keto that Tara took the plunge and got serious about changing her diet and lifestyle in January 2020, a year later and 40lbs lighter Tara is a KETOconvert!

We set this site up without ads, without long detailed stories about ourselves or story-like lead ups to the actual information so you don’t have to scroll waaaaaay down to the bottom to find the recipe, we just give you the basics so you can get cooking, eating and losing weight!

We take our pictures in our own kitchens, this approach isn’t flashy but will give you the general idea.

We hope you find our recipes helpful and yummy!