welcome reformed carb junkies

Are you a current carb junkie looking to escape the sugar madness? Or perhaps a former carb junkie looking for new ideas? Well, we are glad you found us. We have been down both those roads and have found a reduced carb lifestyle that really works.

Welcome to our low carb and Keto friendly kitchens !

A site for reformed carb junkies

We are two regular people who started down the Keto path at different times for different reasons. In early 2020 we were texting our recipes, food photos and hilarious daily updates between us. Eventually we decided it would be easier to put our recipes and pictures on line, that way we could share them with more people. We are not professional chefs or dieticians, we are folks who enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking for our households. We had no idea Ketoing together would lead to a recipe site where we can share the fun we are having with anyone interested in taking this journey.

This site is set up to share what is working for us and what isn’t. It’s about living a low-carb lifestyle and providing some yummy recipes that taste great and don’t leave you wishing for the old sugar and carb loaded foods. Because both our households are a mix of Keto and non-Keto eaters, our recipes lend themselves to cooking for the regular eaters as well as yourself. Non-Keto accommodations are identified within the recipe, such as adding pasta for the high-carber in the house.

Why do we do this? It’s fun and it works! It has been a lot of fun trying to find or make foods that satisfy a craving, especially the sweet cravings, oh yeah and bread cravings. We have learned a significant amount about what to buy and how to prepare Keto-friendly foods and want to share what we have learned so you can enjoy the foods we are loving.

It works because the weight loss is real and keeping it off has not been a struggle, this is a lifestyle change not a diet. There is no going back to high-carb eating as the low-carb approach has been easy to maintain once we got the hang of it.

Finding Keto friendly recipes isn’t difficult, there are so many websites with Keto recipes available all you have to do is search. The challenge we found was finding recipes that actually tasted good, weren’t made of just a few quick ingredients resulting in sacrificing delicious taste for time, and we really missed our favourite carb loaded recipes … so we figured out how to remix them into low-carb versions.

We post a new recipe every week, ENJOY!