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Summer Cocktail – Sangria

Refreshing pitcher of fruit and wine!

A pitcher of sangria is a summer favourite. I was sitting with friends on their deck and the sangria was making the rounds. I passed on a glass and decided to find a low-carb version that I could bring to the next summer social event. This version used an herbal tea as the main ingredient making it light in flavour yet still looks like the real thing.

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Summer Cocktail – Chocolate Creamy Shake

Chocolate Creamy Milkshake

Craving a rich delicious milkshake? I found the perfect ingredient to make a rich thick chocolatey shake for those burger and shake nights. Make it with or without booze depending on your desire.

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Summer Cocktail – Hard Iced Tea

Summer is in full swing and a cold Iced Tea is just what you need

Homemade Iced Tea with a kick! I start everyday with a cup of tea, when I don’t finish the pot I pour the leftover tea into a jug and chill it for iced tea later. For a total refreshing drink use tea that has been in the fridge and is nice and cold.

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