Ramblings on Keto – Part 1 Becoming Carb Aware

You can look at the Carbohydrate Diets as if they are on a spectrum. You start off at the high end with the typical north american high carb/high sugar heavily then at the other extreme end you have the carb-avoidant diets like Adkins. Keto slots in at the lower end but by no means at that extreme. Your desire when doing full on Keto is to put your body in to a state of Ketosis. The Keto portion of the eating plan scale is it’s own mini spectrum. In Keto you decide the level of weight change you are seeking and adjust your cabs and calories to match. Think of this site as your guide to being more Carb aware and thoughtful in your eating habits.

So, Keto is not just another diet fad it as an opportunity to break out of the fad diet mentality and move forward with a less conventional mindset. The concept behind this website is to take the best ideas from the Ketogenic Diet and break with convention and make it something that you can adopt as your default eating style rather than as a “Diet to lose weight”. Hence the name UnKetoVentional – Unconventional Keto. Hat tip to Tara for that word play.

The problem as I see it (in all my vast wisdom) is that any diet you adopt for the sole purpose of “losing weight” is that once you achieve your goal you are then at a loss as to what should come next. And as we have all found what comes next unfortunately is “gaining weight” because that is the only other journey path we are familiar with. This is primarily due to a goal oriented mindset – SACRIFICE TO LOSE THE WEIGHT.

This sets one up for inevitable failure as once you have lost the weight you are then faced with the dreaded “keeping it off”. The surest way to turn this situation around is to do it differently from the very start. Change your eating habits. Sounds simple. It’s not. But we can try to help you.

You supply the will to change and we will supply you with the dietary information and suggestions to support you in your new eating style.

Start off by deciding why it is you want to make the change. Make a commitment to changing and then make it your own. Don’t look to anyone to monitor you and don’t monitor what someone else is eating. No one can sabotage your new eating style unless you let them.

While I am on a philosophizing spree, I have heard some people say “I can’t change the way I am eating while my significant other is eating all the things I can’t”. And true enough, if you look at it that way you are quite right – you can’t succeed.

I am the supporting partner in a Keto transformation journey. My spouse wanted to try Keto to lose some weight and maintain a goal weight. At the outset she made it clear that I can and should eat whatever I want and to not deprive myself. For my part I committed to doing the research and cooking (I do love to cook) to make sure that the foods would be 1) Nutritious 2) Tasty 3) Satisfying and 4) Appealing.

I started off following the same eating plan and ended up losing 10 pounds myself and realized that while I didn’t feel like anything was lacking in my meals I was not maintaining my weight. My solution was to add those extra carbs back in to my portions of the meals. A simple enough solution. So far so good it seems. Over the course of time I’ll add more to the story of this journey.

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